Pay It Forward Mini Quilts

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

After pattern testing some quilt blocks for Melanie Collette (@hellomellydesigns), I had lots of little triangles that had been cut off from the corners when sewing the blocks (Rhinestones quilt pattern available here). I decided to make my BQF (Best Quilty Friend), Heather, a mini quilt for her Pay It Forward 2015 gift. At the same time, I decided to finish the orphan blocks as mini quilts to send as Pay It Forward gifts too!

Rhinestones mini quilt

Missouri Art Quilt

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On Instagram, there was a swap (Make Yourself At Home swap) that not all the participants sent their mini quilt as they promised, so “angels” were needed. I stepped up because I had an idea and wanted to try it. The swap was to make a mini quilt that represented where you live.

Missouri fall autumn leaves deer art mini quilt

I took a photo in the fall of the road on the way to our house, and I wanted to try to recreate it in quilt form!

Missouri Star Mini Mini Quilt

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On Instagram, several people have started making “mini mini quilts.” They measure less than 5” square. While making the Missouri art quilt for the Make Yourself At Home Swap, I decided to make a Missouri Star mini mini quilt to send with the quilt.

I used solid fabrics from my stash. I printed a mini version of the paper pieced pattern found on I quilted it using arcs from each seam intersection. I used single fold binding in order to reduce bulk. It was my first time using this type of binding!
It measures 3 1/2" square!
Missouri Star mini mini quilt