Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trent's Baby Clothes Quilt

Not long after making the cross country move from Las Vegas, NV to Missouri, my friend Kiffany from Vegas (the same one I gave one of these quilts to) mailed me a box of her son's baby clothes in order to make a memory quilt. I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and she loved it too!

I read up on tutorials for t-shirt quilts and knew I would need to back each clothing item with interfacing to keep it from stretching. I couldn't find exactly which interfacing would work the best, so I picked what I thought would work.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Starflower Baby Quilt

Just after moving to Missouri, I met a lovely woman in our church named Summer. She loved doing all types of crafts, but especially scrapbooking and cross stitch/embroidery. She had recently completed a set of embroidery blocks with a baby theme. She had used them to teach her elementary aged son how to do cross stitch. He had picked out all the colors and stitched about half of the blocks.

Starflower and embroidery blocks pastel baby quilt

Since I was pregnant (and a quilter!), she decided I was the perfect recipient of these blocks.