Friday, January 29, 2016

Round Robin - Round One

Do you have a "best quilty friend"? Someone that you love to quilt with or someone you ask for sewing advice?

Heather is my BQF! Heather and I met in college, moved to different states, and have reconnected because of quilting. However, she lives in Texas, and I live in Missouri. Since we can't get together and sew, we decided to try something fun to connect through sewing - a Round Robin quilt.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


The quilting/sewing community hosts a lot of "swaps" - where you make something for someone and someone else makes something for you. I have been an "angel" a few times (it is better to give than receive!), but decided to actually join the Geeky Science Swap. I haven't received my package yet (official shipping date is this Friday), but I wanted to share what I'm sending!

Big Dipper quilt

Of all the sciences, my partner loves astronomy the most. After much thinking (and scouring the internet), I decided on a Big Dipper mini quilt. I found an image that I liked, and planned the quilt around that.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sewing with Seuss

If you've known me very long, you know my affection for Dr. Seuss. The boys' nursery is decorated in Seuss and all birthday parties thus far have had a Seuss theme. So imagine my reaction when I learned of a Dr. Seuss themed craft swap on instagram - after the sign up period had ended.

Horton quilt

Craft swaps are a common thing in the crafting/quilting community. Someone makes something for you, and you make something for someone else. Since I wasn't able to sign up, I waited until the shipping date. Lo and behold, a couple people didn't hold up their end of the deal (happens every time). The swap host asked if anyone would like to be an "angel" and send a package without getting one in return (I've done this twice before). I jumped at the chance to create something Seuss!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Halloween Treat

Just before Christmas, a hashtag surfaced on instagram: #getyourquiltywishesgranted. The idea was that you could post what your quilting desires were (fabric, patterns, etc), and others would grant your wish for no reason other than to make others happy.

Halloween hexagon quilt

I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end and received a couple patterns and some gorgeous fabric scraps from people around the country that I have never met.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gone Glamping!

It is very fitting that my first quilt finish of 2016 is one to complete a challenge.

Michael Miller Fabrics and The Electric Quilt Company (maker of EQ7 quilt design software) teamed up this month to host a mini quilt challenge in celebration of EQ7's 25th year.

The rules were just to use Michael Miller fabrics to make a mini quilt that measured 20" square or less.

I hunted through my stash to find all of my Michael Miller fabrics, and kept coming back to my Vintage Camper fabrics. I have been "hoarding" them for quite a few years. I bought several of the prints at Nancy's Quilt Shop in northwest Las Vegas, NV before they went out of business. I bought several other prints at Prairie Flower Crafts in Alden, KS.

I have never had a specific project in mind for the fabrics. My husband and I owned a teardrop camper for several years BC (Before Children), so vintage campers hold a lot of appeal to me. I have about a yard of each print, so I have enough to make a good sized quilt. Someday.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Quilts

If you were to ask me, "What do you like to do?" I would answer, "Quilt." I love the creative process. I love to see an idea come to life. I love to make something with my hands. I even say my favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 31:22a. "She makes her own quilts."

At the beginning of 2015, I made a goal to make "15 quilts in 2015." This post details the results of that effort.

Hexies a la Mode quilt

The first quilt finish of 2015 (my 15th quilt since I started quilting). This was made while testing a pattern for Beth - a pattern designer. She decided to use my quilt on the cover of her pattern, so I had to finish it the week after I had Micah in order to meet the deadline.

The start of something new

Hello and Happy New Year!

When a new year begins, do you find yourself dreaming? Reminiscing? Wondering what the new year will hold? Desiring to try new things? Or throw out the old?

Me too!

This type of thinking led to "The Year of the 30" in 2014. The year I turned 30. I made a list of things I wanted to do and accomplish. I was a new mom, staying at home instead of teaching in a classroom, and I needed to find what I wanted to be when I grew up. As each item was crossed off my list, I noted whether I enjoyed it or if I should 'throw it out.' At the end of the year, one thing became very clear: I really enjoyed quilting.