Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Giveaway Party - October

Happy October! I really hope you're enjoying the Giveaway Party!

Last month was just the second month for the Giveaway Party, and TWO HUNDRED FIVE giveaways were linked up throughout the month!!

Thank you so much for your enthusiastic support of this new resource!

Be sure to bookmark the Giveaway Party page and come back regularly to find new giveaways to enter!

Not sure what the Giveaway Party is?

The Giveaway Party is a monthly linky party for all giveaways related to sewing and quilting.

How does it work? ANYBODY can add any giveaway from around the web, and it will immediately appear in the party! Everyone who adds a link to the party really helps make this a successful community effort!

There will be a new Giveaway Party on the first day of each month. (You can find last month's Giveaway Party here.)


Click the "Add Link" button at the bottom of the linky party to add a giveaway to the party. Feel free to add giveaways from different platforms - blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Please limit the giveaways you add to those related to sewing and quilting.

Please remember:
  • Include the date the giveaway ends in the link title
  • Indicate if it's limited to a particular location
  • Don't use referral links
  • Sewing and quilting giveaways only

Examples of good titles: "12/31 US Fat Quarter Bundle" and "12/14 Worldwide Digital Pattern".

The current giveaway can always be found at Be sure to bookmark that page! 

Please note: Giveaways added most recently are at the bottom of the list. A new link up will start on the first day of the next month.

Remember to show those hosting giveaways some love! Leave a thoughtful comment and consider looking around their blog or website. This is a great way to find new sewing and quilting friends, so be sure to follow them too!

Now let's party!!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
Click here to enter

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