Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 in Quilts + 2020 Goals

I'm so excited to recap my quilty year! I love looking back and remembering all the stitches I've made!

Want to take a guess as to how many quilts I made in 2019??


The final count was 124 quilts!!

Where's the hands on cheeks and mouth wide open emoji?? 

Quilts I made in 2019

(A few of the quilts are still a secret and I can't share them yet, so the image above doesn't quite have all 124.)

Those 124 quilts break down by size like this:

48 mini quilts
21 table runners (I normally don't count these as quilts, but all 21 were extra-large)
41 baby/crib/lap or similar size
13 lap/throw
1 queen

In addition to the 124 quilts, I also made:

40 key fob wristlets
12 kid pillowcases
4 cathedral window pillows
3 fleece Chiefs pants for my boys
3 crayon pillows
3 Everyday Tanks
2 hexie placemats
2 blankies for my boys
2 double oven mitts (still need to blog about these!)
2 kitchen towels (still need to blog these!)
2 tea towels (still need to blog these too!)
1 rainbow cloud taggie toy
1 quilted clutch
1 double gauze blankie for a baby gift
1 kennel quilt
1 purse
1 mummy table runner (I left this one out of the main count since it was fairly small)
1 bluebird costume for a friend's daughter

But wait, there's more! (Hahahahaha!) I helped my six-year-old son make a space quilt, and I helped three local 4-H girls make their first quilts, and I helped two other 4-Hers make sewing projects for the fair too!

Here are some more fun stats!

80 of the quilts were made in just 30 days (read about that here!)
In November and December, I only finished ONE quilt!
53 of the quilts were made with Island Batik fabrics!
ALL 124 quilts were made with Aurifil thread!

I also released SIX new quilt patterns during the year, meaning I now have eighteen! (Find them all here!)

Patterns by Slice of Pi Quilts

So, now what? Laura, what are your plans for 2020??

I'm so glad you asked! 

Well, my #1 goal for 2020 is actually to make LESS quilts!! I made my first quilt in 2010, and here is the year-end count for each year since:

2010: 1
2011: 1
2012: 4
2013: 2
2014: 6
2015: 27
2016: 38
2017: 52
2018: 105
2019: 124

Starting in 2015, I set the goal "15 quilts in 2015." I surpassed that, and have well exceeded similar goals each year. But for 2020, aiming for just 20 quilts sounds like a fantastic and reasonable goal for me! I'm not going to officially put a cap on the number, because for me it's more about saying no to quilts and projects that put excessive pressure on my time. If I can quilt for just 15 minutes a day, that still might result in more than 20 quilts in a year! So for me, it's more about removing the stressful deadlines often associated with the business side, and saying no a LOT more!

My second goal for the year is to really focus and grow the Quilting & Sewing Deals Facebook group. I'm really enjoying that new side of my business, and I want to put more time and energy there! So this goal also means I'll be saying no to some other things that I've really loved, but just don't fit within the 24 hours I have each day. (Saying no to things is HARD!!)

Here are some of the things I'm saying YES to in 2020!

Homeschooling our three boys
The Quilting & Sewing Deals group
Quilting for fun and pleasure (and finishing some WIPs!)
Aurifil Artisan challenges
Trunk shows and lectures at local guilds (I have several scheduled for the year!)
Monthly business video calls with three fellow entrepreneurs (I started doing this a year ago, and it's the BEST thing! It keeps me accountable and helps keep me focused on growing my business!)
Teaching quilting for kids in our local 4-H club (There are TEN kids signed up this year! This means at least two meetings a month from January through July!)

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things, but I'm really excited for all the great things 2020 will hold!!

What are you saying YES to in 2020??

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  1. What a year, but I think you will enjoy next year even more. Love your focus and goals. Happy 2020!

  2. Wow, Laura, I am just amazed at all you get done. I hope that you have an awesome 2020 and I look forward to seeing what continues to develop for you!

  3. I frequently wonder if you sleep and am glad to see that sleeping is among your goals in 2020! Your productivity is amazing, as are the things you come up with. I look forward to seeing your 2020 projects. Happy New Year!

  4. WOW That's at least two quilts per week. Wow! I've never kept track, but I think I might start this year just out of curiousity. Good luck with your 2020 goals.

  5. Wow 124 Quilts plus the other stuff, way to go. I thought I was doing good by getting 6 quilts completed, 2 of witch were UFO's from 2003 and 2004 that I found while cleaning and organizing my sewing room. Hope you have a good 2020.

  6. What a fantastic list of completions. I always love to read your blog posts and am amazed at how creative your quilts are. Please continue to blog about the things you are doing (even if it isn't a quilt). I love your priorities for 2020. Family, community and business. Those 15 minutes do really add up. I do feel like I need to turn my machine on for at least that much each day. Not always quilting, especially at Christmas!! Happy New Year.

  7. 124 quilts! Awesome, Laura! I love the collage of all of them. Even more awesome--you're still home schooling your boys. In the long run, that's where your impact is going to be.


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