Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Shark Attack!

Have you heard the baby shark song? It's been around for ages, but it's recently gotten quite popular in this age of viral videos.

The son of my friend, Kiffany, turned seven this month, and he chose Baby Shark to be his birthday theme. Well, I knew I had the perfect quilt in my stash just for the occasion! (And I've never shared it on the blog!)

Baby Shark quilt with Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge

Back in the spring of 2018, the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge was to use four Riley Blake basics fabrics (Navy Mini Hashtag, Rose Gold Kisses, White Triangles, and Navy Stripe) in a modern quilt.

Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge
Photo from Modern Quilt Guild

The rules stated that you could add any Riley Blake fabrics to your quilt. However, in another spot, the rules stated you could only add Riley Blake SOLIDS to your quilt.

I decided to go with the first rule and add red/white anchors and dots to the mix to make a nautical themed quilt. I also bought the Sharktown print for the backing fabric. (In hindsight, adding prints was likely a major reason why my quilt didn't place in the challenge!)

Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge

I drew up the design and decided I wanted to piece the whole thing (no applique). It worked out fine in my mind!

The reality was a bit more challenging! 

After making pinwheel blocks, I used my Olfa Rotary Circle Cutter to cut them into rings, then also cut circles from the background squares.

Baby Shark quilt with Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge

However, when attempting to piece them together, no matter how hard I tried or how many pins I used, the rings would get slightly rotated. They would turn a bit so the lines wouldn't be perfectly vertical and horizontal. Then once I got the rings lined up, the center circle wouldn't sew in straight! I spent so much time with Jack!!

Baby Shark quilt with Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge

I finally called each block "good enough" and continued on.

Baby Shark quilt with Riley Blake fabrics for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenge

I pin basted the quilt top, Warm & Natural batting, and the Sharktown print for the backing.

Using 50wt Aurifil #2250 Red, I quilted vertical straight lines 1/2" apart on my Juki TL-2010Q.

I used the navy and white stripe fabric for the binding and machine sewed it on. The finished quilt measures 34" square.

Baby Shark quilt with Riley Blake Sharktown fabric on back

I finished the quilt just a few hours before the deadline! I did not win or place in the challenge. BUT fast forward to just a couple weeks ago - and the quilt was able to find its forever home with my friend and her three boys! I know the quilt will get lots of use now! And that's much better than any award or ribbon!

Even though I've had this quilt finished for over a year, I never took any photos of it! All the photos for this post were taken by Kiffany after I gave her the quilt!

This is one of four quilts I've made for the Modern Quilt Guild fabric challenges. Read about the others here, here, and here.

Baby shark quilt with Riley Blake fabrics

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  1. Cute quilt! Why is it those ideas always work out so well in our heads, but don't cooperate when put to fabric?!? Haha -- you stuck with it and came up with a winner though! Love that shark fabric!

  2. This is a great quilt. I know far too much about baby shark song. I'm visiting with my nieces, and of course, my brother got me to buy her a stuffie that sings the song. And when it's finished, she says..again. I have heard this crazy song so many times in the past three days. But darn does she love it and giggles like crazy. So this Auntie is going to have to get used to it. ☺

  3. Yup, Baby Shark is a big hit in my household. And might be some of the reason my son is in a HUGE shark phase! Love your ocean/lifesaver quilt and so glad you found the right home for it!

  4. That quilt is adorable! Your friend did an amazing job photographing it. I'm really impressed at the different angles and variety of pictures.

    The baby shark song was a staple of my years as a camp counselor. It was one of many silly songs we would sing to keep the kids entertained while they waited in line for meals.

    I really love your quilt! The idea of cutting rings out of pinwheels is just so clever!! You always come up with the most innovative ideas.

  5. This is adorable. I looked at the other quilts and love them as well. I like the Ozarks Hills best of the first three. Hills are not perfect nor should they be. Yours are just perfect Ozarks Hills .... as they should be. Congratulations! You ARE a winner!!

  6. Wonderful quilt and a great story. So glad that it has found its forever home, I am sure those boys will enjoy it . The use of the pinwheels did seem to work - although I am having a hard time picture it!

  7. What a perfect quilt for this particular birthday boy! It's great to have finished quilts stashed for just such a moment :)

  8. I love it! What a clever way to make those blocks. I've read of the technique, but haven't tried it yet, but your RWB version is so very cute, and perfect for a little guy. Thanks for showing us your pics!

  9. It was a winning quilt afterall!


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