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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

If you've known me very long, you know my affection for Dr. Seuss. The boys' nursery is decorated in Seuss and all birthday parties thus far have had a Seuss theme. So imagine my reaction when I learned of a Dr. Seuss themed craft swap on instagram - after the sign up period had ended.

Horton quilt

Craft swaps are a common thing in the crafting/quilting community. Someone makes something for you, and you make something for someone else. Since I wasn't able to sign up, I waited until the shipping date. Lo and behold, a couple people didn't hold up their end of the deal (happens every time). The swap host asked if anyone would like to be an "angel" and send a package without getting one in return (I've done this twice before). I jumped at the chance to create something Seuss!

My assigned recipient said that Horton was her favorite Seuss character. My goal was to create a mini quilt using an image of Horton.

I decided to use the reverse applique method that I have tried a couple times before with good results. I found an image that I liked on the internet, and enlarged it to cover four sheets of paper. I pin basted my quilt sandwich with backing, batting, orange fabric, gray fabric, and the printed image on top.

Then I used black thread and my darning foot on my Bernina Record 930 to trace the outline of Horton.

I left the eyes and the speck unquilted. Then carefully peeled the paper up in those areas and placed the white and pink fabric underneath. I pinned in place, then quilted them.

Here is the quilt after all the quilting was done and all the paper was removed.

I cut away the excess fabric around the speck and eyes.

Then cut the excess gray fabric away next to the stitched lines, exposing the orange fabric underneath. 

I love how it turned out! Every detail is my favorite. From the theme, to the fabrics, to the close-up parts. I love it all!

Horton quilt

Horton quilt

I printed a fabric label to iron on the back (not pictured) and made a few "extras" to include with the quilt. 

Seuss key chain

Now Horton is on his way to Canada!
Horton quilt

"A person's a person, no matter how small!"

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