Saturday, January 30, 2021

USA Block Tour - Nevada

After I graduated from college (and BC - before children!), my husband and I moved to Las Vegas. In the six years that we lived there, we visited as much as the state as we could. My quilting journey even started here! From the sprawling City of Lights to the beautiful forests and open deserts, Nevada was home.

Home Means Nevada state quilt block

"Home means Nevada, Home means the hills,
Home means the sage and the pines.
Out by the Truckee's silvery rills,
Out where the sun always shines,
There is the land that I love the best,
Fairer than all I can see.
Right in the heart of the golden west
Home means Nevada to me."

The Pi family in Vegas
The Pi family in Nevada

I'm excited to share the complimentary "Home Means Nevada" quilt block for the Around the Block - US TourThis is part of a larger project with dozens of other pattern designers. Each week, a new FREE block pattern is released representing another one of the 50 US states. If you quilt along, you'll be able to make a quilt representing all 50 states!

Around the Block - US Tour

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The Home Means Nevada block uses raw-edge applique for a quick and easy block.

Want to do even less work and have the fabric pre-fused and precut for you? Get a kit in my Etsy shop!

Home Means Nevada precut and prefused quilt block kit

I chose a solid light gray fabric (Painter's Palette Aluminum) to represent the Silver State, and solid blue (Painter's Palette River) for the color of the Nevada state flag.

Using a Cricut Explore Air to cut fabric

I used Heat-N-Bond Lite as my fusible, because it's a sheet fusible which means I could use my Cricut Explore Air to cut out the shape!

Using a Cricut Explore Air to cut fabric

After cutting, a quick press was all it took to be ready for stitching! (I used my Oliso mini iron and wool pressing mat.)

Home Means Nevada state quilt block

I used Aurifil 50wt #2725 Light Wedgewood for the applique, which was a great match to the solid blue.

Home Means Nevada state quilt block

I used a straight stitch just inside the raw edge to sew down the shape.

Home Means Nevada state quilt block

The Desert Bighorn Sheep is the state animal of Nevada, and I love how it stands tall to represent its state in this block!

Get the PDF pattern for the Home Means Nevada free by entering your email address in the form towards the top of the post.

Or you can get a printed pattern and precut (and pre-fused!) kit in my Etsy shop here:

Home Means Nevada state quilt block

If you'd like to follow along on the 50 States Tour, be sure to follow the website HERE. You can sign up to get an email as each new block pattern is released!

Around the Block - US Tour

Here are the states that have been released so far:

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Coming up after Nevada:

...and many more!

Let's quilt along!


  1. Nice block! Simple and clean with a big statement! Denniele

  2. Really beautiful block and wonderful post. I graduated from UNR and Nevada definitely has a special place in my soul too!

  3. Thank you for doing this!!! I went back to collect all the blocks so far...most quilters still have them available - thanks to all of them!! Rhode Island and South Dakota will be a stab in the dark for me because I can't find them.

  4. Love the design you choose with so many different things going on in the state. We're Flatlanders (Chicago) so I really enjoyed Nevada's glorious vistas! Thanks

  5. Love this block and the clean cut design. I wish you could design your own quilt with all the states in this same style, so the quilt wouldnt be such a mish mash of blocks. It would be cohesive, not to mention awesome!,

  6. Thank you are you able to help us collect all the blocks this is a great project. I am sure heaps of people will want to collect all the blocks.


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