USA Block Tour - Missouri

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Welcome to Missouri!

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

I am so excited to share about this quilt block! I partnered with Denniele of Louanna Mary Quilt Design to design a complimentary Missouri quilt block pattern for the Around the Block - US Tour! This is part of a larger project with dozens of other pattern designers. Each week, a new FREE block pattern is released representing another one of the 50 US states. If you quilt along, you'll be able to make a quilt representing all 50 states!

Around the Block - US Tour

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My husband and I moved to Missouri seven years ago. We both grew up in Kansas, then moved to Las Vegas for jobs after getting married, then decided to move back to the Midwest to start our family. We picked where to live by taking a paper map and drawing circles and x's on it to begin narrowing down our choices. We landed in Missouri, and it's home!

When signing up for the Around the Block - US Tour, Denniele of Louanna Mary Quilt Design also wanted to design a block for Missouri. We chatted with each other and decided the Midwest way to work it out was to work together!

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

I have loved getting to know Denniele and working with her to bring you this Missouri block! We each designed half of the 6 1/2" block (6" finished), so when put together, it creates the whole block! Denniele designed the "Missouri by Day" half, and I designed the "Missouri by Night" half.

Missouri by Night quilt block with Gateway Arch

Enter your email address in the form below, and the Missouri by Night pattern will be automatically emailed to you! (Please do not use autofill to type your email.)

**To get the Missouri by Day pattern, visit Denniel HERE

You must have BOTH patterns in order to complete the Missouri block.

AND Denniele has some laser-cut kits with all the fabric and applique pieces precut in her online shop!! Quantities are limited, so be sure to hop over there if you want a kit!

Missouri state quilt block kit
The kit and precut pieces! Photo credit: Denniele of Louanna Mary Quilt Design

The Missouri block combines both traditional piecing and raw-edge applique.

I scoured my stash for fabrics to use - and even got a bit creative! One of my arch pieces was fussy cut from the background of this snowy scene fabric, and the headlight piece was cut from a lemon!

Fussy cutting for the Missouri quilt block

I used 50wt Aurifil for all of the piecing and applique (in coordinated colors of course!). I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 for my applique pieces. I love how it's tacky so you can position - and reposition the pieces and they won't fall off when you move it to the ironing board.

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

When choosing fabrics for the night side, I picked an almost black fabric (mine has cross-hatching on it) for the skyline. I then chose a dark gray for the side of the arch, and a medium gray for the main arch piece. The sky got a dark blue fabric (mine has little dots that kind of look like stars!), and the river is a dark blue piece with some horizontal lines. Fabric choice is a great way to be creative!

Missouri quilt block with Gateway Arch

For the Missouri by Day side (get the pattern for that side HERE), I picked a light aqua fabric for the sky (mine has tiny lightning bolts!) and a gray for the road. I actually had a fabric of cars and trucks with a printed road background. It worked perfectly for this! The other pieces were from near solid fabrics, except the light gray arch and headlight I shared above.

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

If you want to add embellishments to your block, you could use white embroidery floss to stitch some French knots into the night sky for stars!

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

A peek at the back shows off all my thread colors!

Missouri quilt block - 50 US states tour

Remember to get BOTH halves of the block!

Missouri by Night - Get the pattern by entering your email address into the box towards the top of this post.

Around the Block - US Tour

If you'd like to follow along on the 50 States Tour, be sure to follow the website HERE. You can sign up to get an email as each new block pattern is released!

Here are the states that have been released so far:

                AND Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts <--- That's me!

Coming up after Missouri:

...and many more!

Let's quilt along!


  1. Love the block we created! However, I am jealous of your perfect road fabric! LOL We did settle it the Midwest way! :)

  2. Oh, this is so fun! I love in St. Louis and see this landmark quite often!
    Sandy A

  3. Having spent 26 years living in the Bootheel of MO (3 hours south of St. Louis), this block is very special. THANKS!

  4. LOL, I keep signing up for the newsletter for free patterns, but I already get it, so I hope your software deletes duplicates! This is a great block, and what a super way to design it!

  5. I was able to ascend to the top of the Arch last summer at age 80! Such an exciting this block is really going to be a special one for me! Thanks!


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