Thursday, January 28, 2016

The quilting/sewing community hosts a lot of "swaps" - where you make something for someone and someone else makes something for you. I have been an "angel" a few times (it is better to give than receive!), but decided to actually join the Geeky Science Swap. I haven't received my package yet (official shipping date is this Friday), but I wanted to share what I'm sending!

Big Dipper quilt

Of all the sciences, my partner loves astronomy the most. After much thinking (and scouring the internet), I decided on a Big Dipper mini quilt. I found an image that I liked, and planned the quilt around that.

I started by paper piecing one inch stars. I adapted the pattern found here.

I took quite a long time trying to decide how to sew the stars together into the Big Dipper shape. I feel one star is slightly out of alignment, but based on how challenging it was, I'm very pleased with the overall look!

After the Big Dipper was sewn together, I pin basted the quilt sandwich. I used my Bernina Record 930 to quilt stars on it with black thread. I did not quilt over the white stars that make up the Big Dipper. This created a very subtle background texture.


I used my trusty reverse applique method to sew black fabric onto the quilt making the outline of trees. I pinned the black fabric onto the quilt, pinned a paper printed image of the outline, and sewed through all the layers. Then I tore away the paper, cut away the excess fabric, and quilted additional tree outline shapes onto the black fabric.

After sewing the binding on, I ironed on a fabric printed label (not pictured).

Big Dipper quilt

I also made a few extras to include with the quilt.

star key chain

Can't wait to see what I receive!

Big Dipper quilt


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