Trent's Baby Clothes Quilt

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not long after making the cross country move from Las Vegas, NV to Missouri, my friend Kiffany from Vegas (the same one I gave one of these quilts to) mailed me a box of her son's baby clothes in order to make a memory quilt. I had seen the idea on Pinterest, and she loved it too!

I read up on tutorials for t-shirt quilts and knew I would need to back each clothing item with interfacing to keep it from stretching. I couldn't find exactly which interfacing would work the best, so I picked what I thought would work.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

I cut each piece of clothing along the seam lines to get workable pieces that would lay flat and ironed on the interfacing. I thought a great deal about how to arrange the clothes since each was a different size. Some longer, some shorter, all different widths, etc. I finally decided to cut them all into uniform heights, but leave the widths varying. I arranged all the clothes from shortest to longest, then started laying them out to see how many should go into each row. I found that three rows resulted in an almost exact same length for each! I cut each item in each row the same height, then cut each one as wide as possible. I had very little trimming to do to get the rows to be the same length!

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt
I added some polka dot flannel (the same flannel I used for the binding) to frame the name shirt that was in the middle in order to make it the same size as the others in the row. I added a fun Dr. Seuss flannel border to finish the top.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

For the back, I cut a square of fabric from the back of each piece of clothing to create a back panel. I used a regular quilting cotton fabric on the back. It has titles of Dr. Seuss books on it. I purchased both Dr. Seuss fabrics from a quilt shop in Branson, MO.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

To quilt it, I stitched in the ditch around each shirt from the front. I finished it with a polka dot flannel binding.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

Several of the onesies that were used were very well worn and may not hold up to much more wear and tear. Therefore, the quilt is best as a wall hanging instead of one that will be used and abused by a child. The interfacing I used also resulted in the quilt being fairly stiff. This feature doesn't affect it much as a wall hanging, but would not be good if one wanted to curl up with the quilt.

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

In July (2013), my friend, Kiffany, and her son (now 12 months old) came to visit, and I was able to gift it to her in person!

Dr. Seuss themed baby clothes quilt

(Next time, I'm going to try a much lighter interfacing like Pellon 911FF.)

Updated to add: I tried the Pellon 911FF interfacing on this quilt and like it MUCH better!

Making a quilt with baby clothes

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