Lemon Linens

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

One of the hardest parts of being a pattern designer is the secret sewing!! There are often projects going on behind the scenes that can't be shared as they're being made. Sometimes these quilts are for magazines or not-yet-released fabric lines or collaborative projects where there are many people involved. 

I'm so excited to be able to share a secret sewing project with you today!! I made several projects using Benartex's Lemon Fresh fabric collection for their Modern by the Yard e-zine!

DIY kitchen items to sew - kitchen towels, tea towels, double oven mitt, lemon quilt table topper

First of all, let's all drool and applaud the photography in the e-zine! I only dream of taking such great photos!! All photo credit for the image above goes to Benartex. The e-zine credits Paula Kennedy Photography (in Florida) and Erin Sutherland Photography (in Michigan), so huge shout out to them!

The collection is a fantastic mix of lemon-themed prints! I especially love the ones that look like vintage book illustrations!

Lemon Fresh fabrics by Benartex

After I received the fabric (way back in July of 2019!), I made not one, not two, but FOUR different projects!

First is a set of kitchen towels! Get the pattern in the FREE e-zine HERE! (Starts on page 20.)

Lemon kitchen towels - FREE pattern

Then I made a set of double oven mitts! These were so fun to make, and I think this just might be my new go-to gift idea! Get the FREE pattern in the e-zine HERE! (Starts on page 20.)

FREE pattern for double oven mitt using Lemon Fresh fabrics by Benartex

(I had a couple tiny models to help demonstrate!)

FREE pattern for double oven mitt using Lemon Fresh fabrics by Benartex

The third project was a set of tea towels! The FREE pattern is in the e-zine too! Get it HERE! (Starts on page 20.)

Use extra quilt binding to add an accent to tea towels!

This is my favorite way to use up extra quilt binding!

Use extra quilt binding to add an accent to tea towels!

 And the fourth project I made was my Zest quilt! This makes such a great table topper!

Lemon quilt - ZEST by Slice of Pi Quilts

You can get the Zest pattern in both digital and paper versions in my Etsy shop!

Zest digital pattern HERE!
Zest paper pattern HERE!

Lemon Zest quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

There are FREE patterns for three other quilts by a few of my designer friends in the e-zine too! 

FREE patterns for lemon themed kitchen sewing - kitchen towels, tea towels, double sided oven mitt

Let me know if you make one of the projects from Modern by the Yard!


  1. I absolutely LOVE lemons and I love all of these projects, congrats!

  2. That is great fabric, and such lovely projects. Thanks so much for all the links, too. I will check them out!

  3. Super cute fabrics and I adoreeeeeeee your zest pattern.

  4. Such great projects. Never though of just dressing up tea towels with binding. Great idea. And I love the models. I downloaded the e-zine and look forward to viewing it.

  5. Wonderful projects! What a happy kitchen that would be with all those lovely lemons!


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