80 quilts in 30 days

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

I'm still recovering from the Quilt Market hangover. All the prep work leading up to the show, the hustle of setting up and tearing down, plus the actual show - it was all very exhausting! I plan to do a couple additional blog posts to share how my husband made my booth and how I made a miniature of my booth, so watch for those in the coming days!

But this post is to celebrate that I made 80 quilts in the 30 days before Market!!

80 quilt samples in 30 days

When I decided that I would have a booth at Market (way back in November!), I immediately knew I wanted to also participate in Sample Spree. Sample Spree is a buying frenzy of just a couple hours where buyers can be the first to purchase new products and fabrics. I wanted to make shop samples (completed quilts in the small or mini sizes) of several of my patterns so shops could take them back to their shops immediately without having to do any work themselves.

I chose four patterns (actually five, but I didn't have time for the fifth one) that I thought would work for this effort and ordered bolts of Kona solids and Island Batik fabrics.

Bolts of Island Batik fabric
Kona solids

After the quilts for my booth were made and the patterns were written, I started making sample quilts. I decided I would make as many as time would allow!

First I made 20 Cotton Candy mini quilts. (Pattern links: Digital and Paper)

Cotton Candy quilt patterns
Cotton Candy mini quilts

These used Kona cotton for the background and cones, and Shannon Fabrics' Rose Cuddle for the fluffs. Pink candy striped bias binding was the perfect way to finish them! Each mini quilt measures 16" x 24".

Mini Cotton Candy quilt

Next I made 20 Sliced table toppers. (Pattern links: Digital and Paper)

Sliced watermelon quilt patterns
Sliced watermelon quilts

These are the smaller size in the pattern and measure 30" square. Each was made with Island Batik fabrics. And huge shoutout to my mom who helped me bind all of these!!

Sliced watermelon quilt

Next up was 20 Zest table runners. (Pattern links: Digital and Paper)

Zest pattern

My mom was a rockstar and cut out all the seeds for these! Each one is made with Kona solids and measures 16"x48".

Zest table runner

The last set of 20 was Snowfall pillows. (Pattern links: Digital and Paper)

Snowfall pillows

These use Island Batik fabrics and measure 14" square. Instead of using a regular quilt back, I sewed the backing fabric to be a pocket to hold a pillow form.

Pillow back
Snowfall pillows

All 80 samples used Warm & Natural batting and Aurifil thread. And all had a corner label that I got printed at Spoonflower.

Quilt labels printed at Spoonflower

I took all 80 quilts to Sample Spree. Each sample came with six patterns.

Sample Spree table

The feedback from shops was fantastic!! They loved that I had done the work for them!

Quilt Market booth

I put the samples that didn't sell at Sample Spree in my booth and continued to sell them throughout the show.

Here is a summary of my thoughts on this endeavor:

1. My longarm earned its keep!
2. Working on multiples of the same pattern in an assembly line way makes quick(er) work.
3. 20 of one thing is the maximum amount my quilty ADD allows.
4. I never want to work in a sewing factory.
5. I am REALLY looking forward to some ME sewing time!

If When I do Quilt Market and Sample Spree again, I would still make samples. Shop owners loved having the work done, and as my name and business grow, the samples will be even more popular!

80 sample quilts made in 30 days

I do have a VERY limited amount of samples left. If you know a shop that might be interested in one, please have them contact me ASAP! 


  1. Wow!! That was a lot of work but it sounds like it paid off. I hope the customers come rolling in. You have a great mom and lots of energy. Who better to sew samples than the one who designed the pattern. Congrats.

  2. Oh my goodness, your road to Quilt Market has been rolling at high speed! How cute are those samples??? What a great idea, Laura. I am enjoying seeing you grow your business. I hope you have some me time too and get some good rest! Can't wait to see more about the mini quilt booth.

  3. Rock. Star. Seriously. Anyway It was great seeing you! You did such a great job on everything and I love that you can see your ribbon in your booth :) We need to do lunch when you get some me time!

  4. You are totally amazing!! Congrats on a fantastic job!!! WOW!!!

  5. What a great idea you had. Score!

  6. What a fabulous idea to create the samples yourself!! What an amazing time you had at Market!

  7. I think the ready-made samples are brilliant! So glad that market went well for you!!

  8. Wow. Well done. I hope all your hard work pays off in the long run.

  9. You did a great getting all those made. I love all the bright color!
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  10. I have been having such fun watching you do this market prep! You have amazing dedication!

  11. I'd say 20 of any one thing at a time would be all I could manage as well! I'm glad the samples were well received by the shop owners and I hope they help the shops sell lots of your patterns :)

  12. Wow! You are amazing! I am sure all your hard work will pay off in dividends!!

  13. Amazing! You are taking off like a rocket!


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