Summer Twilight Hydra Pillow

Thursday, May 11, 2023

The Summer Twilight collection is a new batik collection from Island Batik by my designer friend, Tammy of Tamarinis! It's a mix of rich blues, purples, and pinks. I've been wanting to make a pillow from my Hydra quilt pattern for quite awhile, so I jumped at the chance when Tammy sent me some of the fabric to play with!

Mermaid pillow made from the Hydra quilt pattern

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The Hydra quilt is a fun mermaid pattern where the scales actually are 3-D and move when the quilt moves! I've made the quilt a few times, and I love how fast it comes together! (See the previous ones I've made HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

Hydra quilt patternHydra quiltHydra quilt

The scales for the mini or pillow size are quite a bit smaller than for the throw and baby sizes of the pattern. This little stack is all of the scales for the whole pillow!

Summer Twilight batiks

Once all the cutting was done, it was time to sew! I sewed on "rabbit speed" and got all the scales sewn in less than 30 minutes!

Sewing mermaid scales for the Hydra quilt

Since the scales are so small, I snipped the curves in the seam allowance before turning them right sides out. 

Mermaid scales for the Hydra quilt

After a quick press with my mini Oliso, it was time to make the pillow! (Of course I used my mini iron when making a mini quilt!)

Mermaid scales for the Hydra quilt

The quilt is sewn together using a quilt-as-you-go method, and it's sewn from the bottom to the top. I just put the scales on randomly then used my walking foot when sewing it together. It was just as quick as I had hoped!

Mermaid scales for the Hydra quilt

Once all the rows of scales were sewn, I hemmed two pieces of fabric to use on the back as an envelope back. This *could* have been a mini quilt, but I decided a pillow would be more fun!

Mermaid pillow made with batik fabrics from the Hydra quilt pattern

I used some scraps from the collection to make the binding.

Mermaid pillow made with batik fabrics from the Hydra quilt pattern

When sewing the binding on, I made sure to include one of my quilt labels. It's just so easy to label everything since I keep them right next to my machine now!

Mermaid pillow made with batik fabrics from the Hydra quilt pattern

The finished pillow is about 14" square, and I love it! The texture is just so fun!

Mermaid pillow made with batik fabrics from the Hydra quilt pattern

Be sure to get a copy of the Hydra pattern if you'd like to make one too!

Mermaid pillow made with batik fabrics from the Hydra quilt pattern

If you'd like to see what some other quilters have made with the same fabric, be sure to hop over to their blogs! I always love to see how different the projects are! 

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  1. What a perfect line of fabrics for that, and the colors are gorgeous. I love this week's meme (she said, closing the door). =)

  2. Love this pattern. So much potential to use as an overall or in featured sections. Looks great with the fabrics you selected.

  3. So bright and cute! I love the batiks you used. Looks really mermaidish! Fun.


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