Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Today begins a new virtual show with 50+ of my designer friends!

Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show

From May 5th through May 9th, different designers will present 15 minute LIVE videos on Facebook and Instagram to share quilting tips and tricks!

There are videos every hour, on the hour (and sometimes on the half hour!), starting at 12pm EST until 8pm EST every day!

The videos will be saved on the designer's Facebook pages so you can go back and catch up and watch all the ones you want! AND there's a special Facebook group set up where we plan to share the videos too! Join that HERE!

I'll be going live on my Slice of Pi Quilts Facebook page on Wednesday, May 6th at 6pm EST (set an alarm!). AND I'm going to do the same live event on Instagram the same day at at 6:30pm EST! Be sure to like my Slice of Pi Quilts Facebook page and Slice of Pi Quilts Instagram account so you can watch for the live videos!

What tips and techniques are you hoping to see??

Check out the full schedule below! Enjoy the shows!

Designer Tips & Techniques Virtual Show

Facebook Schedule:

May 5May 5 12pm ET Cherry Guidry - launch
May 5 12:30pm ET Janellea Macbeth
May 5 1pm ET Jen Frost
May 5 2pm ET Teresa Weaver
May 5 2:30pm ET Jo Westfoot
May 5 3pm ET Becca Fenstermaker
May 5 4pm ET Michelle Renee Hiatt
May 5 4:30pm ET Margaret Willingham
May 5 5pm ET Marlene Oddie
May 5 5:30pm ET Annie Unrein
May 5 6pm ET Leanne Parsons
May 5 7pm ET Jennifer Fulton
May 5 7:30pm ET Reed Johnson
May 5 8pm ET Tammy Silvers - launch
May 6May 6 12pm ET Sue Pelland
May 6 1pm ET Annette Ornelas
May 6 2pm ET Kate Colleran
May 6 3pm ET Melissa Marginet
May 6 4pm ET Jackie Kunkel
May 6 5pm ET
May 6  5:30pm ET Melissa Merriman Harr
May 6 6pm ET Laura Piland <----That's me!!
May 6 7pm ET Terri Vanden Bosch
May 6 7:30pm ET Swan Sheridan
May 6 8pm ET Annie Smith

May 7May 7 12pm ET Lynn Kane
May 7 1pm ET Cristy Fincher
May 7 2pm ET Debbie Wendt
May 7 3pm ET Shelley Cavanna
May 7 4pm ET Monique Kleinhans
May 7 5pm ET Heidi Pridemore
May 7 6pm ET Jerry Stube
May 7 7pm ET Simone Fisher
May 7 8pm ET Nicole Moore

May 8May 8 12pm ET Becky Campbell
May 8 1pm ET Tina Dillard 9
May 8 2pm ET Beth Helfter
May 8 3pm ET Sherri Noel
May 8 4pm ET Kathleen McCormick
May 8 5pm ET On Williams Street
May 8 6pm ET Andi Stanfield
May 8 7pm ET Nancy Scott
May 8 8pm ET Lisa Ruble

May 9May 9 12pm ET Sherry Shish
May 9 1pm ET Cristina De Miranda
May 9 2pm ET Toni Smith
May 9 3pm ET Alison Stothard
May 9 4pm ET Bobbie Gentili
May 9 5pm ET Ebony Love
May 9 6pm ET Carolina Moore
May 9 7pm ET Kathryn LeBlanc
May 9 8pm ET Tammy Silvers - wrap up presentation

Instagram Schedule:
May 5
May 5 12:30pm ET IG Cherry Guidry – launch
May 5 1:00pm ET   Janellea Macbeth
May 5 1:30pm ET IG   Jen Frost          
May 5 3:00pm ET        Jo Westfoot
May 5   3:30pm ET IG Becca Fenstermaker
May 5   4:30pm ET IG Michelle Renee Hiatt
May 5 5pmET              Margaret Willingham         
May 5   5:30pm ET IG Marlene Oddie
May 5 6:00pmET         Annie Unrein
May 5   6:30pm ET IG Leanne Parsons 
May 5   7:30pm ET IG Jennifer Fulton
May 5   8:00pm ET IG  Reed Johnson
May 5    8:30pm ET IG Tammy Silvers - launch

May 6
May 6 12:30pm ET IG Sue Pelland       
May 6  1:30pm ET IG  Annette Ornelas
May 6   2:30pm ET IG Kate Colleran
May 6   3:30pm ET IG Melissa Marginet
May 6   4:30pm ET IG Jackie Kunkel
May 6   5:30pm ET IG 
May 6    6:00pm ET IG Melissa Merriman Harr
May 6   6:30pm ET IG Laura Piland
May 6   7:30pm ET IG Terri Vanden Bosch
May 6 8:00pm ET        Swan Sheridan
May 6    8:30pm ET IG Annie Smith

May 7
May 7 12:30pm ET IG Lynn Kane
May 7  1:30pm ET IG  Cristy Fincher
May 7   2:30pm ET IG Debbie Wendt
May 7   3:30pm ET IG Shelley Cavanna   
May 7   4:30pm ET IG Monique Kleinhans
May 7   5:30pm ET IG Heidi Pridemore
May 7   7:30pm ET IG Simone Fisher
May 7   8:30pm ET IG Nicole Moore
May 8      
May 8 12:30pm ET IG Becky Campbell
May 8  1:30pm ET IG  Tina Dillard
May 8   2:30pm ET IG Beth Helfter
May 8   3:30pm ET IG Sherri Noel
May 8   4:30pm ET IG Kathleen McCormick
May 8   5:30pm ET IG On Williams Street
May 8  6:30pm ET IG  Andi Stanfield
May 8   7:30pm ET IG Nancy Scott
May 8    8:30pm ET IG Lisa Ruble

May 9
May 9 12:30pm ET IG Sherry Shish
May 9  1:30pm ET IG  Cristina De Miranda
May 9   2:30pm ET IG Toni Smith
May 9   3:30pm ET IG Alison Stothard
May 9   4:30pm ET IG Bobbie Gentili
May 9   5:30pm ET IG Ebony Love
May 9  6:30pm ET IG  Carolina Moore
May 9   7:30pm ET IG Kathryn LeBlanc
May 9   8:30pm ET IG Tammy Silvers- wrap up presentation

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