It's a Pinnie Parade!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

My pin cushion is in Make Modern Issue 18!

Toy truck pin cushion

This month's Make Modern issue has a gallery of pin cushions - and mine is in the pinnie parade!

Make Modern Issue 18 

I made this pincushion by gluing a handmade pincushion tree into one of my boys' toy trucks.

Toy truck pin cushion

I love the whimsy of this pincushion! It reminds me to embrace and enjoy the stage my boys are in as it won't last forever! I'm thinking I might need a dinosaur one soon too.

Have you discovered Make Modern yet? It's a digital only magazine delivered right to your inbox. The quality of the content is SO good! My Fruit of the Spirit quilt was in Issue 17, and I hope to have a few more patterns in upcoming issues too!

Make Modern enamel pins

Now if the boys would just stop running off with my pin cushion! 

Toy truck pin cushion

Do you have a favorite pin cushion?

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  1. What a fun idea! We are just going through some of our son's things and this may inspire me! Some things are bound to go, like "Snaily" made out of a crayola clay, but maybe it can be salvaged for a Christmas ornament!

  2. Wow! That is awesome Laura, Congratulations! I love that the truck is antique looking and bright shiny red. Very clever pin cushion indeed:)

  3. Just too cute! Is this a hint that it'll soon be time to cut that Christmas tree ??!!

  4. Love your pincushion tree and it's delivery system, too cool!!!!!!

  5. Laura, you are creative!!! I can see why the boys would want to play with it. You might have to make them one too or a set of trees to play with but keep the pins for yourself.


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