Rain Showers - A FREE Quilt Block Pattern!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April showers bring May flowers! And in this case, Quilt Block Mania brings rain themed quilt blocks!

Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

I decided to go with a modern interpretation of rain, using simple lines to make my quilt block.

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Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

The Rain Showers quilt block uses traditional piecing - no paper piecing!

Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

Shop your stash for some scraps that would make a fun block! All blue prints would work great! Or maybe ombre fabric for the rain? Or even rainbow colored rain!

Rain Showers - free modern quilt blockRain Showers - free modern quilt block

For my sample block, I chose solid white for the background (because I always have a bolt of it on hand!) and Kona Robin Egg for the rain.

I used 50wt Aurifil #2021 Natural White for all the piecing.

Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

The block went together quickly! I love how this block requires no precise piecing, and you just trim it however it fits in the end!

Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

I couldn't resist mocking up some versions of it as a quilt to get an idea how it might look. I love that secondary pinwheel that starts to emerge!

Rain Showers quilt - made with free modern quilt block
Rain Showers quilt - made with free modern quilt block
Rain Showers quilt - made with free modern quilt block

Want to make your own Rain Showers quilt block?? **Please type your email address and do not use "autofill." 

I can't wait to see your Rain Showers quilt block!

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Rain Showers - free modern quilt block

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Rain-themed quilt blocks


  1. Thank you! And thanks for not making it paper piecing, too. =) I love all your color variations.

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