Blue and White Razzleberry Quilt

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

My quilty friend, Charisma of Charisma's Corner, is also a quilt pattern designer and designs new things faster than the speed of light! She's always up to something incredible, and I love seeing what she does next!

Enter the Razzleberry quilt! Charisma designed an acrylic template, and more than a DOZEN quilt patterns that can be made using the one single template! (See them all HERE!) I picked this pattern to try out the technique!

Razzleberry quilt pattern in blue and white fabrics

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The pattern requires two jelly rolls of contrasting colors. I decided to do two jelly rolls, each with both blues and whites for mine! One is Sister Bay and the other is Starlight Gatherings, both by Moda. They really go well together!

Moda jelly rolls

Here is the cover of the pattern Charisma designed! Mine is so different than the bright colors in hers! (Seriously, that's my favorite part of being a quilt pattern designer! I LOVE seeing the same quilt in different fabrics!)

Razzleberry quilt by Charisma HortonBanana Split template

The pattern uses strip piecing, and clever cutting with the template, to create the blocks. I made mine a bit smaller than the pattern to make a smaller throw quilt size.

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

My youngest wanted to be the one to hold the quilt for the photos this time! My husband must be training him well with that side eye! Lol!

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

Here's a peak behind the seams before quilting!

Signature longarm thread

I recently got an Innova longarm, and I'm still learning all the nuances. After some trouble with the thread that came with it, I ordered some cones of Signature thread, and it has been wonderful! This Parchment color was a perfect match for the quilt! 

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

I used Warm and White batting and quilted a medium meander over the quilt.

Binding a quilt by machine

I always stitch my binding on by machine (tutorial here), but this time I used leftover strips from the jelly roll. This meant that they were 2 1/2" wide instead of the 2 1/4" that I typically use. I sewed them on with a tiny bit larger than 1/4" seam, and it worked perfectly!

Custom quilt labels

My custom quilt labels are a favorite part of every quilt I make!

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

We headed out to the lake for some quilt photos, and the tall grass was the perfect spot!

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

We (shockingly!) didn't even have any ticks crawling on us afterwards!

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

The secondary designs that happen in this one are wonderful!

This is my 424th quilt finish since I made my very first quilt in 2010!

Razzleberry quilt in blue and white fabrics

Be sure to get your Razzleberry pattern and template from Charisma so you can make your own!

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