2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hello! Today is the start of the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop!

The blog hop is set up so you can have a chance to meet and welcome new bloggers into the wonderful and encouraging online quilting community. Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl, Beth at Cooking Up Quilts, and Leanne at She Can Quilt are hosting the blog hop. Be sure to check out their pages for AMAZING giveaways!!

The 2017 New Quilt Bloggers have been connecting through Slack and learning new things for the past month. We have all been doing behind the scenes work on our blogs to make them even better! The bloggers were "sorted" into three "hives," and each week during the blog hop, each host will highlight 4-5 of the bloggers in their hive. I am part of the Blooming Quilters hive (hosted by Yvonne), and I got to design the button for our blog hop!

For the blog hop, we are to share a few things so you can get to know each of us better. I love connecting with new people in the quilting community, so I am excited for the next few weeks!

Who I Am

I'm Laura, a homeschooling mom of two boys (ages 2 and 4) in southwest Missouri. I started quilting seven years ago, but didn't become serious about it until four years ago after my oldest was born. Quilting is my lifeline - it keeps me sane! I love that what you sew stays sewn at the end of the day - unlike dishes, and laundry, and schoolwork, and....

Before staying at home, I was a middle school math teacher. Honestly, I'm a math geek. Add that to the fact that my last name is Piland (pronounced Pi - land), and you have a love of all things pi. Therefore, Slice of Pi Quilts was the perfect name for my blog!

What I Do

I make quilts. I make big quilts, small quilts, and quilts in-between. I design quilt patterns and sell paper and digital versions. Maybe you've seen them in your local quilt shop! I also find it nearly impossible to resist a quilt challenge!

As a way to encourage myself to finish what I start, I set yearly goals like "17 quilts in 2017." Last year I far exceeded my goal and actually made 34 quilts! I just finished my 11th quilt for this year, so I am ahead of schedule! (You can see all of my quilt finishes here.)

Here are just a few of the quilts I've made recently.

You may have seen "A Lasting Impression" already. It's by far my most popular blog post, and garnered enough attention on social media that I say it went semi-viral! I quilted military combat boot prints to try and convey the impact that soldiers have on America, on us, even after they're gone.

Military combat boot print quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Sliced is my newest quilt pattern. It is proving to be quite popular, and the smaller 30" square version will be in the Moda booth at Spring Quilt Market!

Sliced watermelon quilt pattern by Slice of Pi Quilts

I finished my Sew Many Colors mini in time to enter it in the Aurifil contest. There's still time to vote, so of course I'd love for you to take 10 seconds to vote here!

Sew Many Colors Aurifil thread mini quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

I am an ambassador for the fabric company, Island Batik. The March challenge for the ambassadors was to make a paper pieced mini quilt. The April challenge is to make an applique quilt! I hope you'll come back in a couple weeks to see what I make for that!

Island Batik paper pieced Boomerang mini quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Share a Blogging Tip

My tip is to add a custom favicon. This is a quick way to add a little branding and customization to your blog. What is a favicon? A favicon is that little image that appears next to your blog name on your internet browser's tab. Mine is a black pi symbol. If you have a Blogger blog, then it defaults to a white and orange "B." Wordpress blogs default to a white and blue "W."

I'm going to throw in a second tip, because it occurs often. Make sure you're not a no-reply blogger. If you leave a comment on my blog, I would like to be able to reply to you! (Especially if you win a giveaway!) Here is a great post showing how to check and what to do if you are a Blogger or Google+ user. Here is a post showing what you can do if you are a Wordpress user. Even if you think this doesn't apply to you, it might be time to check just in case. Once you comment, I would have no way to contact you to tell you!

Share a Quilting Tip

Just sew.

(Warning, math ahead!) If a faucet drips at a rate of one drop every second (assuming the size of the droplet is 1/4 mL), it will take approximately 15,140 drips, and just over 4 hours, to fill a one gallon bucket. The point? One drop on it's own seems small, but over time, it really adds up!

Moral of the story: Sew whenever you have a chance. Even if you only have 5 or 10 or 20 minutes a day, you will be amazed at how quickly you will see the fruits of your labor!


I'm just getting started on my appliqued quilt for the Island Batik ambassador April challenge. The last thing I appliqued, I used a stitch similar to a blanket stitch on my vintage Bernina 930 Record. However, when I washed it, the raw edges frayed and the appliqued pieces came off!! The blanket stitches didn't hold it on!

I'm sure you can understand that I'm a little fearful to tackle an appliqued quilt again! For this quilt, I plan to use Heat-N-Bond lite and iron on the pieces to the background fabric. I was thinking of using my free motion quilting foot on my Juki TL-2010Q and stitching 1/8" to 1/4" inside the raw edges of the pieces. Is this a quick and durable method? How do you applique? Do you have any tips?

Next Stop on the Blog Hop

Be sure to say hello to the other new bloggers that are participating in the blog hop this week! And visit the hosts' blogs for giveaways and a list of all of the participants! There will be giveaways for four weeks!!

Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl
Beth at Cooking Up Quilts
Leanne at She Can Quilt

This week's blog hop participants:
Jennifer from Inquiring Quilter
Fi from Living Cloth
Bobbi from Snowy Days Quilting
Amanda from Mommy's Projects

Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by! If you'd like to keep up with my shenanigans, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Ello. You can follow my blog on Bloglovin' and Feedly too.

Please leave a comment so I can meet you! And help relieve my applique fears!


  1. Hi Laura, LOVE all the pi puns here. :) Perfect name for your blog! Your Lasting Impressions quilt is genious! I look forward to reading more of your posts and have already enjoyed reading your binding tutorial.

  2. Your Lasting Impressions quilt is so beautiful, so moving. Perhaps especially so to me, as we recently lost a beloved family member to PTSD.

  3. Hi Laura - I am in awe of all your finishes already this year; great job!Thanks for the glimpse into your quilting world :).

  4. Wow 11 finishes already? That's amazing and I'm in awe of your lasting impression quilt and the sliced one is simply delicious. Very pleased to get to know more about you.

  5. It is so wonderful to get to know you better, Laura! I was not a fan of appliqué until I learned of Laura from Buzzin Bumble's Crafted Appliqué Method. It is an amazing, no fray, raw edge method. Also, I am a huge fan of large, graphic quilts and congratulations on having your Slicd quilt in the Moda booth at market!

  6. I was going to head you over to Laura and her crafted Applique method( It is wonderful).
    Your quilts are amazing, love the colors and creativity.

  7. I have not appliqued yet. sorry I wish I could help you. I did just get a book that seems to be all the rage right not and is supposed to make applique easier "Crafted Applique" by Lara Buccella

  8. I love math and really enjoyed your blog posts. I have taken two classes with Pat Sloan which featured machine appliqué. She has a wonderful book out on how to appliqué. I was very surprised to hear that your machine's stitches did not hold. Try practicing your the stitch width and length that is used when you appliqué. Also, the type of fabric used can impact the durability of the appliqué.

  9. Loving your SLICE quilt! And yes! I use heat n bond light to press, then use a blanket stitch for most of my applique pieces. I love the effect. I am guessing pre-washed would be best as at times, there is a finish on fabrics that keeps the applique fabric from completely adhering when you press it. Best of luck!

  10. Laura, I love your boots quilt and the Slice quilt. I think I need to make four slices, go to the beach and lay them out all together. It is so cute. I have never done applique, so I am no help.

  11. Love your hint about the favicon - on my list of things to do. Also, love love love your recent quilts. Have fun on the hope.

  12. Loving your quilts! They're all quite unique. I think that's what I love about quilting, that we put our own unique style into our quilts. You got my vote at the Aurifil challenge!

  13. Laura - you are one prolific quilter!! You have wonderful projects, thank you so much for sharing them. I can't wait to explore more of your blog. I have a feeling I could spend hours here! :)

  14. What a great post Laura - so lovely to learn more about you and your quilts. I love A Lasting Impression - it took my breath away when I first it. Your designs are gorgeous and I look forward to getting to know you better.

  15. Hi Laura, great to meet you and learn about your quilts. I love your Lasting Impressions quilt, what an incredible idea! I'm also in awe of your productivity especially with two such small children. I'm looking forward to following your ongoing journey!

  16. Great intro post, Laura :) I love your Slice quilt...it looks almost good enough to eat! I agree that every little bit of quilting adds up and obviously you practice what you preach - 11 finishes already this year?! Wow! I've used either fusible web or even just a glue stick to stick down applique pieces and then used my fmq foot to stitch around just as you suggested. Usually I go around twice just because I like the way it looks :)

  17. Nice to meet you Laura: You make wonderful quilts and I really love A lasting impression which I am seeing for the first time.....I really love all the quilts to be honest. I can't give you an applique tip because I don't do applique....sorry.

  18. Thanks for inviting up to view your blog during this hop. Sliced is awesome.

    Applique. It's interesting to hear that your applique came off after sewing it down. Raw edge fraying yes but coming off not sure how that happened. I have tried various methods to applique (buttonhole stitch, blanket stitch, using dry sheets as backing) including heat n bond. They all have good application depending on what you are appliqueing. I am sure there are some fantastic books available on this subject to help you along.

  19. Fantastic quilts, Laura and great tips! I like to use a close zigzag stitch when I raw edge appliqué, although generally I prefer piecing over appliqué any day. I have never trusted the idea of buttonhole stitching for the reasons you say yours came off. Give it a try, I think Paige at Quilted Blooms has a tutorial where she uses this method.

  20. Laura, your combat boot prints quilt is just amazing. I understand how it went semi-viral. Also even before I read this post, I had put your Rockslide quilt on the list of quilts I want to make next year. I pretty much have my 2017 to-do list already filled! Take care, Mary.

  21. Hi Laura, what a great post to start the blog hop, so interesting and full of good information and your quilts are wonderful. Your creativity is an inspiration. I'm glad to have gotten to know you through the blog hop and look forward to seeing your creations.

  22. Hi Laura, Love your work. Sliced is really fun and looks forward to Summer. Thanks for the intro to your work.

  23. Great work ty for sharing your quilts.Its always a good thing to go with your heart.Thats what makes it fun. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  24. I love the Pi has such a special meaning for you. Great post and beautiful quilts! Can't help with the applique though. Good luck!

  25. It's great to meet you, Laura! I love your quilts and your writing style, so I'll be back often! :)

    I was also going to recommend the book Crafted Applique, though I see Yvonne has beaten me to it. I have also used fusible web--the edges fray a little, but overall my designs have stayed put. When I'm really worried about fray, I use a satin stitch, but it does get quite thick.

  26. So wonderful that you are in my bee so I can really get to know you. Love your quilts, especially Lasting Impression. Perfection! I too will recommend Crafted Applique. That technique keeps your edges from fraying. I simply stitch around the edge--no special stitch needed! So fast, so easy.

  27. It's lovely to get to know you better. I now want to both run off and try your technique for the Lasting Impression quilt and figure out how to set up a favicon. I am glad you are in the blog hop.

  28. Hi Laura! Great post! I love all the whimsy in your quilts! Hope you'll be stopping by my blog on May 8th. Happy Quilting!

  29. Hello Laura!! I saw your gorgeous watermelon quilt this morning on Instagram...I LOVE IT!! Your blog is fantastic!! I usually do a wonky straight stitch on my fused applique pieces to hold them in place. Glad we are in the same hive together, and the hive button you created is amazing!!

  30. What a great intro post, and that button is amazing.
    Don't give up on your button stitch if you like the look. Was your first attempt not fused at all? I believe any fabric will fray if you don't fuse it first when doing raw edge appliqué. My most recent raw edge appliqué projects have been fused down, then I quilt the dickens out of them. They do fray a little bit, but I trim them up if it is too wild. I don't like the blanket stitch on my pieces, as they are usually pretty modern. Sometimes I will have the quilting go over the edge a bit, just to catch it.
    You can do a finished edge appliqué, too. It takes more time, but you will have zero fraying. You take a piece of fusible stabilizer, stitch the fusible side to the front of your piece along the seam line. Then you cut a hole in the middle of the fusible, turn it right side out, fuse it down, and stitch around it.
    Good luck!

  31. I didn't even read your introduction yet, I'll get to it in a moment: CONGRATS on the watermelon quilt! I've seen it all over Pinterest and Instagram!

  32. Great introduction, after seeing how successful you are with 2 little ones I am inspired to quilt more! When I applique I either use the underturn the fabric or use the double later method.

  33. I really love your quilts, and have seen the mini slice already, just love all your work.

  34. Visiting from the hop, you have some really creative ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  35. It's lovely to meet you! I absolutely love your blog name. I majored in math myself, and I taught a little bit at the college level. I'm actually thinking about going back to that part time in the fall.

    I love that you said, "I love that what you sew stays sewn at the end of the day..." It's so true! I feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up with chores, but sewing feels like I'm making real progress.

    I love your paper-pieced mini! It reminds me of butterflies.

    I jumped through all the hoops to set up a blogger profile with a visible email address, so I shouldn't be a no-reply blogger. Fingers crossed that it worked!

  36. "I love that what you sew stays sewn at the end of the day - unlike dishes, and laundry, and schoolwork, and...." Oh my gosh, a million times yes! I've been following you on IG and I'm glad to get to know you a little better here. I'm also a former math teacher. There is certainly something that transfers to the quilt design and quilt pattern design worlds so well from teaching math.

  37. Hi Laura, love how you came by your name. I must admit I was intrigued when I saw what your blog was called. ‘A Lasting Impression’ what can I say? Moving is the word that comes to mind well done! Loved your blog post, I’ll be back :)

  38. Hi Laura, I love how you own your math geekiness :) Congratulations on your combat boots quilt! I had not seen this before but really admire it as I have a deep appreciation for soldiers and their sacrifice.

  39. Hi Laura! I love your blogging tip! Who even knew what the word favicon means?! But that adds the cutest touch to a blog. Love the figure 8 quilting on your large slice of melon quilt. You are a brilliant quilt blogger and quilter!

  40. A great intro post Laura and great tips too. You have already had some great advice on appliqué, I have used heat n bond and Lara's method, both are good, but don't discount needle turn either. It takes so much longer, but you get a completely different look that you can't get with bonded appliqué. It's not all about the destination, it's about the journey. Good luck on your quilting, and blogging, journey.

  41. Hi Laura, I'm catching up with the blog hop and loved reading about you. I love your A Lasting Impression Quilt. It is so moving and creative!

  42. What a fantastic collection of quilts and patterns. Loved reading about your journey.


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