2020 in Quilts + 2021 Goals

Thursday, December 31, 2020

I LOVE the end of the year when I do this post every year!! It's so great to visually look back and see all that I made in a year! And oh, how different was 2020 than years past?!

Want to guess how many quilts I made in 2020??


The final count was 21 quilts!

2020 quilts by Laura of Slice of Pi Quilts

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This is the closest I've ever come to my yearly goal! Each year, I set a goal like "15 quilts in 2015" or "20 quilts in 2020." However, ever since I started those goals, I've always made WAY more than the goal! This is the least amount of quilts I've made in one year since 2014!!

Here's a recap of my finished quilts by year. Only finished quilts (of any size) are included. No pillows or garments or zipper pouches, etc.

2010 - 1 (My very first quilt!)
2011 - 1
2012 - 4
2013 - 2
2014 - 6
2015 - 27 (The first year I set the "15 quilts in 2015" goal!)
2016 - 38
2017 - 52
2018 - 105 (The year I made 52 charity quilts!)
2019 - 124 (A year I vowed not to repeat!)
2020 - 21

But there's a reason I didn't spend my time making quilts this year. I've made almost 2,000 masks this year too. I also made a few pillowcases, some zipper pouches, a quilted pillow, a microwave rice heating pad, and 60 Christmas stockings. I also helped a dozen kids make quilts from start to finish through our local 4-H club.

I only released one new quilt pattern this year, the Exploding Heart quilt. (Find all of my patterns here!)

Quilt patterns by Slice of Pi Quilts

So what do you have planned for 2021, Laura??

I'm so glad you asked!

Make 21 quilts in 2021.

My #1 goal last year was to make LESS than 124 quilts, and I definitely succeeded! I hope I don't have to make masks in 2021, which will give me a bit more time to focus on quilting again!

I love this new adventure I started, and I'm going to continue to put my time and energy into it. After one year, the group had 10,000 members (in October 2020), and it just hit 15,000 members (December 2020)! 

Here are a few other things I'm saying YES to in 2021!

- Homeschooling our three boys
- A QAL for the Exploding Heart quilt (It starts January 7th!)
- Make a quilt for QuiltCon (Already designed, I just need to make it!)
- Monthly business video calls with fellow entrepreneurs (This is such a wonderful thing! I'm SO excited for some new opportunities this year to keep this going!)
- Teaching quilting for our local 4-H Club (these meetings start in January, and I have nine kids signed up!)

I'd love to fit in Project Quilting, some garment sewing, and some trunk shows at quilt guilds too.

What are you saying YES to in 2021??

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  1. Great goals! Your 21 are all gorgeous quilts. I can't even pick a favorite!

  2. woohoo you were on a roll. this is what happens when we set goals and try to stick to them.

  3. You had a great year, achieved your goal and more AND in a pandemic!


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