Olympic Rings - A FREE Quilt Block Pattern!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

This month's Quilt Block Mania theme is "international." I admit, this one really had me stumped. International foods, international travel, the International Space Station...I just couldn't land on anything that excited me. So I asked my husband for help.

Me: "I need something that might represent the word "international." Any ideas?"
Him: The Olympics.

I should have asked him sooner! I love watching the Olympics, and the 2020 Summer Olympics are happening in just a couple months! (Yes, the 2020 Olympics are happening in Tokyo in 2021!) So my block is a fun abstract interpretation of the Olympic Rings!

Abstract Olympic Rings Quilt Block

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Full disclaimer: I have not had a chance to sew a sample block of this yet! If you get one made before I do, please email me a photo of your block! I'd love to see it!

I was thinking I would use solids, but this would be really cute in prints! You could even use all blue fabric for a fun bubbles quilt!

Abstract Olympic Rings Quilt Block pattern

Want to make your own Abstract Olympic Rings quilt block? **Please type your email address and do not use "autofill."

When I was hunting for inspiration for the "international" prompt, I kept coming across lots of images of people holding hands. I wanted to remind you that I have this free block pattern too! Hop over to that blog post HERE to get the pattern for that one!

Circle of paper chain people with heartsCircle of paper chain people with hearts
Circle of paper chain people with hearts

Be sure to check out all of the FREE international themed blocks from other designers this month too! I love the International Space Station one!


  1. I have subscribed to get the free All Together Now block for the June Quilt Mania but still have not received anything

    1. Please email me at Laura (at) sliceofpiquilts (dot) com, and I'll be sure to get it to you!

  2. the Olympic rings are a wonderful international block. thank you.

  3. I too have subscribed both now and it the past but haveyet to receive an email with the Olympic Rings block. Can you help? Alys Walker hrwamw@aol.com

  4. Hi Laura,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the free Quilt Block Mania block! I'm very slow this month, so I appreciate that we have more than a couple of days to collect them all. I was going to sew along with your Exploding Heart Sew-Along, but was doing a couple of other things and haven't started it yet. Fabric and pattern are sitting together, waiting for me to finish a few other things! It's a gorgeous pattern!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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