2021 in Quilts!

Friday, December 31, 2021

I love looking back at the end of each year to see what all I accomplished!

Want to take a guess of how many quilts I made in 2021??


The final count was 27 quilts!

Quilts made by Laura of Slice of Pi Quilts in 2021

If you're new here, hello! I'm Laura! I design quilt patterns, and I'm a self-proclaimed deal hunter! Be sure to join the popular Quilting & Sewing Deals Facebook group where I post sales, deals, and coupon codes from all around the web!

Each year, I set a casual and informal goal of making the number of quilts for the number of the year. So "15 quilts in 2015" or "21 quilts in 2021." Ever since I started making the goal, I usually make WAY more than that!

Here's a recap of how many quilts I finished by year. Only finished quilts make this list, but they can be ANY size including mini quilts.

2010 - 1 (My very first quilt!)
2011 - 1
2012 - 4
2013 - 2
2014 - 6
2015 - 27 (The first year I set the "15 quilts in 2015" goal!)
2016 - 38
2017 - 52
2018 - 105 (The year I made 52 charity quilts!)
2019 - 124 (A year I vowed never to repeat!)
2020 - 21
2021 - 27

In addition to the 27 quilts I made this year, I also made fabric Christmas ornaments, memory pillows, quilted placemats, a fabric scrap wreath, several free quilt block patterns, a quilt that is waiting to be quilted, and an Exploding Heart denim jacket! I recorded several videos for Missouri Star Quilt Co., and I also helped more than a dozen kids from the local 4-H club make their own quilts!

Exploding Heart denim jacket

There are SO many wonderful things coming in 2022!! 

First up is the second Exploding Heart quilt along! It's going to be so fun to sew along with you!

Next on the calendar is to release a few new quilt patterns! I have THREE almost finished up!

I will again be teaching quilting for our local 4-H club, but I'm also going to be teaching a quilting class for our homeschool group! There are about 35 kids that I'll be helping to make a quilt this spring!

I'll be traveling to many quilt guilds in 2022 too! I LOVE meeting other quilters and sharing my quilts! (I can come visit your guild too! Email me!)

Of course I have some secret quilty projects in the works for later in the year! There's always something fun happening behind the seams! 

And I'll be deal hunting too! I love sharing great quilty deals with you in the Quilting & Sewing Deals group!

Quilting & Sewing Deals Facebook group

What quilty projects will you be doing this year??


  1. The postcard of California, is this a pattern of yours ? Is it avilabale?

    I really like the goal of quilts to finish in a year! You did some really nice ones this past year!


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