Emperor's Treasures - Digital Blog Hop

Friday, January 27, 2023

One of my favorite things to do when new fabric comes out is to see how it would look sewn into some of my patterns! 

Split Arrows quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

The new Emperor's Treasures fabrics from Island Batik feature lots of purples! Ask your favorite quilt shop if they will be getting this fabric in soon!

Emperor's Treasures fabric by Island Batik

Of course I wanted to see what an Exploding Heart quilt would look like in all purples!

Exploding Heart quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

i tried a couple different backgrounds. Which do you like better? I think I want to see it with a black background next!

Exploding Heart quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Or how about a purple Flutterfly quilt??

Flutterfly quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Maybe purple Suitcases??

Suitcases Quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Okay, this one is my favorite! Split Arrows!

Split Arrows quilt by Slice of Pi Quilts

Which one of these would you sew??


  1. Split Arrows, hands down, but I do like the hearts on white, too. That line of fabrics is beautiful. I also liked your little meme about what people will see after your gone. So true!

  2. Split arrows! It looks like stained glass! I have been wanting to make a stained glass quilt project but have so many other things that have to get done first.

  3. Split Arrows I Love It Barb


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