Moda Love Charm Quilt

Monday, January 16, 2023

It's two weeks into the new year, and I've finished two quilts! I'm not sure if the trend will continue, but it feels great to get some quick and easy projects done!

Moda Love Charm Pack quilt made with the Twilight fabric collection
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This one started as a challenge from Moda Fabrics. They shared a free pattern on their website called the Moda Love Charm Quilt (get it HERE), and announced the challenge to sew the quilt between January 14th and 16th. They hinted that there might be prizes too, and I can't resist a challenge like that!

Twilight charm pack designed by One Canoe Two for Moda Fabrics

I dug through my precut stash and found this Twilight charm pack that I thought would pair well with solid white fabric (which I have a bolt of on hand). I've had the charm pack for quite awhile, but I did spy a few precuts still on Etsy.

Using a sewing machine laser

The pattern starts by drawing a diagonal line on the back of the fabric squares to make half-square triangles. Well, I don't draw lines because I use my sewing machine laser! (Read more about it on THIS POST!)

Using a sewing machine laser to sew half-square triangle quilt blocks

I just adjusted the laser so that it was lined up with the right side of my foot. Then as I sewed, I just kept the corners of the squares lined up with the laser light. It worked perfectly!

Making HST quilt blocks

Next, I lined up all the HST blocks on my cutting mat. Again, lining up the corners with a line on the mat. This way, I could cut them all in half at the same time!

Making HST quilt blocks

There are several ways to trim up HST blocks (and no trimming at all if you cut the pieces with an AccuQuilt!). If I'm not using my AccuQuilt, then I like to press the blocks before trimming. I press the seams to the darker fabric side.

Pressing HST blocks

Then I can use a Bloc-Loc ruler to trim them. These rulers have a groove along the diagonal that perfectly holds along the seam line so the ruler doesn't slip and slide as you trim! 

Trimming half-square triangle quilt blocks

Even the trimmings are pretty!

Half square triangle quilt block trimmings

Once all the blocks were made, I used my design wall (just a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth pinned to the wall) to lay out the blocks. I tend to focus on one color at a time so that I can get those mostly spaced out. So I started with the navy blocks, then I did the peach blocks, then I added in the rest. This helps to make the colors look even, and helps me not overthink it. Too much. 

Laying out quilt blocks using a table cloth design wall

I pin basted the quilt with a gray and white backing fabric scrap and a Warm & White batting scrap. The quilt measures 32" square, so it was a great way to use up the pieces that were leftover from other quilts.

Using a sewing machine laser for straight line quilting

Then I used my sewing machine laser (lined up with the needle this time!) and my walking foot to quilt straight diagonal lines. The laser helped me be able to stitch corner to corner across the blocks. I stitched all the diagonal lines going one direction, then turned the quilt and did all the diagonals the other direction.

Using a sewing machine laser for straight line quilting

Of course I chose aqua for the binding! It's my favorite color! This was just a scrap of solid from my stash. I cut 2 1/4" wide strips.

Aqua colored quilt binding

Then I machine sewed it on!

Sewing quilt binding on by machine

The victory lap happened just a few hours after I started! Yes, a whole quilt in just a Saturday afternoon!

Sewing quilt binding on by machine

Now I have a baby quilt finished and ready for whenever I get a baby shower invitation in the mail! 

Moda Love Charm Pack quilt made with the Twilight fabric collection

If you have charm packs just laying around in your sewing room, then try something quick and easy like this one! 

Moda Love Charm Pack quilt made with the Twilight fabric collection


  1. Thank you for this pattern! I found a lot of charm packs tucked away in a drawer unit when cleaning up my sewing room. Now at least I can use up a couple for some baby quilts.

  2. So many great tips. That laser light is very tempting. As you said, you are all set for the next baby shower. Well done.

  3. I got a laser for my machine and need to figure out how to best use it and how to keep it stable. Thanks for joining TGIFF! Lovely finish too. ;)

  4. Love this quilt! Fab fabrics! I have an entire book shelving unit for quilt books, patterns saved online and this is still my favorite "emergency" quilt pattern. Baby quilts, table toppers, lap blanket... Even works for directional fabrics as I just flip the block around! LOVE the laser! And always enjoy your posts! Thanks


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