P - I - N - K Mini Quit

Monday, January 23, 2023

The second Project Quilting challenge of the year was PINK! Since I used all pink for the first challenge (see that one HERE), I was feeling a bit uninspired to use the color again. But in the spirit of the challenge, I really wanted to make something, so here it is!

Raw-edge applique pink heart mini quilt

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I hemmed and hawed all week about what to make. Nothing was clicking, so on the last day of the challenge, I woke up determined. I grabbed a mix of pink scraps (leftover from this quilt), and got started.

Pink fabrics for a pink quilt

I started by pressing a 6" x 6" square of Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 to the wrong size of four pink fabrics. (I tried free handing a heart, but decided that wasn't a great idea. Ha!)

Pressing fusible web to fabric for a raw-edge applique quilt

After printing a much better clipart heart than I could draw, I traced it onto the fusible with an air erasable pen. This wasn't necessary to use for this purpose, but it's my favorite pen in my sewing room, so I used it!

Tracing hearts to make a Valentine mini quilt

After cutting out the hearts, I peeled the paper off the back and lined them up on a scrap of solid white fabric. I used the ruler to keep them aligned. 

Making a heart mini quilt

A quick press secured them to the fabric! (I used my Oliso iron.)

Pressing hearts onto fabric

After making the quilt sandwich and pin basting, I used a hera maker to draw a starting line for quilting. I just drew one and used it as a guide for the first few lines, then used each new stitched line as a guide for the next line.

Using a hera marker to mark quilting lines

The hera marker doesn't actually draw a line. It just leaves a crease in the fabric.

Preparing a quilt sandwich for machine quilting

I used my walking foot to quilt straight lines right over the top of the hearts in both directions. They're a tad bit wider than the edge of my walking foot. I just eyeballed the distance, so the lines are not perfect. I did not stitch around the edges of the hearts. The quilting is what will hold them on.

Using striped fabric for quilt binding

Then I used the striped fabric for a cute binding! (Tutorial for machine binding HERE.)

Sewing striped binding on by machine

I was playing bobbin chicken with this one! I actually ran out while sewing the binding on and switched from white to a super light pink. Both were 50wt Aurifil threads.

Thread chicken

In just one hour and 15 minutes, I finished the whole mini quilt! It measures about 8" x 27".

Raw-edge applique heart mini quilt

In this photo, you can see a peek of the backing fabric and the quilt label. And the snow we got the morning that I was sewing!

Backing and label of heart mini quilt

I really love the look and texture of cross-hatch quilting, and I love that it also sewed the hearts down at the same time. That made it a bit like quilt-as-you-go! 

Cross hatch quilting on raw-edge applique heart mini quilt

It's not too late to whip up your own Valentine day mini quilt or table runner! Or even Valentine hearts to mail to your quilty friends!

Raw-edge applique heart mini quilt

I actually think it took longer to write this blog post than it did to make the quilt! 

Raw-edge applique heart mini quilt


  1. So cute. Sorry you didn't win bobbin chicken. ☺

  2. That is really pretty! I thought about doing a Valentine's theme for pink too, but went a different direction.

  3. Such a quick cute table runner.

  4. I have a question concerning the “exploding Heart quilt. I purchased pattern this wonderful from you because I understood a how to video was available. Where might I find that video? Thank you for your time.

  5. The quilt is very cute and I love the backing fabric! Ideas for quick projects are always appreciated!


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